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Using your Brain Effectively (Part 12)

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(…continued from last week)

If you’re in that relaxing place right now I would like you to do this process. Or go find a place where you can just sit or lay down. If you have tight or restricting clothing like a necktie, loosen it.

This process can extend your life expectancy and enhance your mental and physical health both. Plus, it only takes a few minutes to do.

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The Progressive Relaxation Process

Read through this entire process, then do it. Don’t be concerned with doing it “just right”. There is no perfect here. Doing it as you remember it is good enough. So let’s get started.

Just close your eyes and take in a long slow deep breath. Hold it for just a moment, and when you’re ready, exhale. That’s right. Now take a normal breath, in and out, and then one more, deeper breath. Long deep breath in, hold it a moment, and when you’re ready breathe it out and mentally tell yourself “Relax”.

Just be mindful for a moment, notice your breathing, the rise and fall of your chest, the air flowing in and out of your nostrils. Tell yourself as you breathe out “relax and be calm”. Breathing in, breathing out, and notice your breath, let it quiet you. Now we are going to go through your body one part at a time. Take your time. There’s no rush. Three to ten minutes is fine.

I’d like you to imagine that coming right down through the roof of the building, right down into the toes of both of your feet at the same time is a shaft of golden relaxing energy. Relaxing your muscles, energizing your nerves, letting go of any stressor; flowing down into the toes of both of your feet, into the balls of your feet, into your arches, into your heels, right up into your ankles.

Just imagine your feet are totally filled up, like they were a hollow vessel, with this golden, sparkling, relaxing energy, see them fill up and let all the muscles and nerves in your feet relax.

Allow that relaxing, golden energy to flow up into the calves of your legs, into your knees, into your thighs, right on up into your hips, relaxing every muscle every nerve and every fiber in your legs and your hips, filled up with that golden relaxing energy.

Imagine now that golden, relaxing energy is coming down into the fingers of both of your hands, filling them up, flowing from your fingers into your palms, wrists, forearms, elbows, upper arms, and shoulders. Relaxed, loose and limp. Very loose and limp, just like a loose limp rubber band, totally relaxed, notice how they feel a little heavier as the muscles relax.

Imagine now down at the base of your spine is a small glowing golden ball of warm energy, rather like a miniature sun. And imagine that relaxation flowing up your spine, moving up, and up, filling up your stomach area, and your chest, filling your torso, flowing all the way through and filling it up right on up into your neck and into your scalp. Relaxing your scalp.

Flowing now down over the top of your head and draining down into your brow, so that all the little muscles in your forehead can relax and let go, and you can feel the skin go very smooth and even, as all tensions fade away.

And allow that relaxation to flow down into your eyes, your nose, your cheeks, your lips and your jaw. If your teeth are touching allow just a little space between your teeth so your jaw muscle can more fully relax. Mentally scan your body and see everything filled with this golden relaxing energy. Your feet, your legs your hips, your torso, your arms, hands, your head, feel that deep relaxation all over and let yourself bask in this de stressed mode for a moment.

The Good Stuff

This process takes care of you. It is good for your mind and for your body. Practicing this on a regular basis helps focus your mind and body towards longer life and better health. You deserve to relax, you deserve to be healthy. That relaxation technique assists the process of taking great care of yourself. It has the potential to boost your longevity, life quality and vitality you need to thoroughly enjoy your life

Right now, take in another long slow deep breath and feel the relaxation from it. You can carry this relaxed calm mind and body right into the rest of your day, into all your activities. You can carry this calm quietness into everything you do. Staying in this calm center assists in having longer lasting energy.

Taking time to take care of you is your first real job. Use these strategies that have been proven to work for millions of people. They can work just as effectively for you in your work, your home and in your health. Take good care of you, you deserve it.

Use your mind and body in an integrated way. This allows you to begin building today the life you want to have on in to your future. Never forget–you can be, you can do, you can achieve whatever you desire. Go for it!

This concludes “Using your Brain Effectively”. Please stay tuned next week for an all new program that can improve your relationships, your success, and your life for good!

The best of success to you!

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