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(…continued from last week)

9. Watch Less Television

Why would Harvard recommend you watch less TV? Primarily because it’s inactivity and often the content of programs can promote an increase in your stress due to the stressful content. The Harvard research team found these two aspects of TV do have an effect. Watching TV makes you inactive, you’re not getting exercise, now if you would exercise a bit while watching TV then that would be to your benefit. Often people eat between meals while watching TV and they tend to eat more junk food.

TV also tends to make people more antisocial. You’re at home, you’re zoned in on the TV, and not talking with people face to face. You’re rarely doing relationship enhancing behaviors while watching.

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TV may be stressful. Some of the news out there can scare you violently. There are programs that are highly tension producing, if you’re watching a show and you feel terrified or you find your muscles tied in knots, that is not good for you. The average American spends three hours per day watching TV. Don’t overdo it, it can be detrimental to your health.

10. Avoid Risky Behaviors

The last of the Harvard promoters of health and longevity is to avoid risky behaviors. Now that doesn’t mean that you can’t do exciting or stimulating things. But life expectancy can be protected by making sure you’re not taking unnecessary risks.

For children and adolescents, the biggest cause of death isn’t disease or illness. The majority of deaths are the result of accidents, injuries and violence.

When you add behaviors such as smoking in to a young age, it shortens life expectancy even more–by as much as 14 years. Don’t be a nag, but do help those people around you realize if they’re doing risky behaviors.

Examples of risky behaviors could be not wearing your seatbelt or not driving defensively, doing athletic stunts when not wearing protective equipment, intentionally engaging in situations where you’re liable to get yourself injured, having unprotected, risky or violent sex, consuming foods or drink where you could be physically harmed. Those and much more are risky behaviors.

As Harvard School of Medicine documented, these ten can make a major difference in your health, vitality and longevity. When you avoid risky behaviors when you watch less TV and get more active, when you see your doctor and monitor your health, when you reduce stress, when you eat more like a vegetarian, when you have this positive focus and goals that you’re going for, floss for both mouth and heart health, when you get some exercise, when you’re seeing friends, when you’re getting outside. These ten can make a major difference for you. They can assist you in having a better life overall

Jacobson’s Progressive Relaxation

One thing that is well documented by universities, clinics and medical centers worldwide is that the mind and body work together for your overall health.

In 1929 after 20 years of research, Dr. Edmund Jacobson published his results in a book titled “Progressive Relaxation”. In there he described a strategy he had used with thousands of patients to help them physiologically gain back control that benefitted both their emotional state and their physical health.

Jacobson’s Progressive Relaxation is probably the most widely used relaxation process in the world. There’s active progressive relaxation and there’s passive progressive relaxation. Doing this on a regular basis it will benefit your mind and your body. It helps calm some of those stressor responses that can get to you.

You can do this process just about anywhere: sitting at a table, laying down relaxing, driving a car (although I would advise keeping your eyes open when you do this driving). At least occasionally though, I recommend you practice this where you can close your eyes and either sit or lay comfortably while doing nothing else.

(to be continued…)

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