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Using your Brain Effectively (Part 8)

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(…continued from last week)

Volumes of research has shown that having a positive outlook will improve the quality of your life and give your health a boost. Truly those people who live to be the oldest, who have the greatest longevity, have been shown to have a positive view of their world overall. You need to find ways of letting go of some of those things that get in your way. Make time to do things you enjoy.

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Be Like a Rubber Ball — Bounce Back

One of the crucial pieces of effective life management is developing some resilience and bounce back skills.

Do things ever knock you down? Do you ever get frustrated? Does someone you counted on let you down? You have to be able to cope with those stresses in a healthy way.

Resilience can be learned and strengthened with different strategies. These strategies include having a good social support system (personal and/or professional), keeping a positive view of yourself, accepting change, learning and growing and expanding your knowledge base, keeping things in perspective and not taking everything personally when someone does something you don’t like. That resilience can help your mind and your body move forward into an ever better tomorrow.

It is essential also to have the ability to calm your mind and relax your body. Relaxation methods such as meditation, hypnosis, yoga, Thai chi, deep-breathing, slow movement, contemplating waves or a campfire, listening to the waves rolling in on the beach, all can bring your body and your mind into balance. Calming yourself is a key ingredient to overall health and greater longevity.

You have to be the primary caretaker for yourself. Great emotional health begins within you and what you are doing for you. Yes, we need to use our doctors, we need to use our social support systems, we need to make sure that we have good nutrition that assists in taking care of our body. But no matter what’s being done around you, it’s always up to you to take care of you–first and foremost.

Recent Harvard Research

In the fall of 2011 Harvard School of Medicine published a ten-point research paper that talked about things that you can do to enhance the quality of your life and increase your life expectancy.

They said that there are simple steps that practically anyone can do. This document was released as a guide for the average person to have better overall mental and physical health.

Life Expectancy Enhancers

1. Get Out There

Harvard’s research documented that life expectancy could be increased simply by going outside.

One aspect of this is that when you go outside your skin becomes exposed to sunlight. This exposure triggers cells to produce more vitamin D. Vitamin D is actually a “Prohormone” (a precursor of a hormone) it is not a regular vitamin. It’s essential for bone health and turning out to be important for depression, heart disease, diabetes, many things. You need vitamin D. So when you go outside and get a bit of sun, it’s good for you. Plus when outside you are normally moving. The exercise is a boost to your mind and body.

AMA research that overviewed hospital blood work estimates that 50% of adults have low levels of vitamin D, which causes mental decline as well as physical decline. We need to be outside doing things. Also when outside you receive better quality oxygen than when you’re inside of a building (especially office buildings).

Elderly people need to pay special attention to their vitamin D levels. Vitamin supplements are beneficial to all, but to the elderly it is an essential. Vitamin D helps with controlling the sleep cycle, better physical health and improving brain functioning. Make sure to take the time to get outside.

(to be continued…)

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