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(…continued from last week)

2. Hang Out With Others

Take the time to see friends and hang out. Spend some time with people you like and get something positive from being around.

Life expectancy can be increased just by hanging out with friends and family. The more connected you are, the better your overall health. Having positive relationships with a spouse, friends, family, coworkers, people in your church or neighborhood, or athletic groups that you participate in, all make a difference.

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Harvard reported that the people in positive relationships are less likely to take on risky behaviors or do dangerous things. On average they also tend to take better care of themselves. It could be that having these positive people around you reduces the impact of stressors in your life and helps you take better care of yourself.

One of the ways to improve your relationships with people surrounding you is to get in the habit of telling stories. Stories are how we communicate, it’s how generation after generation learns things. Become better at story-telling. Be a better communicator. Get people engaged. Find out what’s going on with them and let them know what’s going on with you. Tell a story about a funny thing, about your family members, an activity you gained from, yourself, your work, what’s happened in your life. Take time for people.

3. Put Your Body In Motion

The third of Harvard’s ten points is get exercise daily.

You can improve your life expectancy significantly through exercise. Why daily? After carefully considering all the research, Harvard said it’s because you are building a habit. Habits need to be done often. Getting exercise daily, even a little bit, is a way to build the habit that can increase life expectancy.

A study at Harvard showed that people who exercise fairly vigorously, to the point where they’re sweating lightly, for around 3 hours a week, (for around 20 to 30 minutes per day) had DNA that was 9 years younger than people who did not exercise. Only 3 hours a week made a major difference.

Without even considering the study, just think what you know from your own exercise experience. When you exercise, how do you feel? You feel more vital, you have more energy, your rest more deeply, your mind is clearer, on and on.

Getting exercise every day, or even every other day, builds the habit so that you stick to it. When you are exercising on a regular basis, you feel better about yourself. You feel more confident in your ability to physically perform. You can feel the tight knit feeling of having more strength. And it usually assists in keeping your weight where you want it.

With regular exercise comes an improvement in your energy level. It gives you more vitality, more energy on a longer sustained basis. You can do active exercise, or more relaxing exercise such as yoga, both of which are beneficial to your long term health.

4. Floss Your Teeth for Mouth & Heart Health

I’ve heard that flossing is good for more than just your teeth, but I never really thought about it. Flossing tends to increase life expectancy? That falls into the category of weird but true in my book.

Harvard said flossing does two things. 1. It prevents gum disease, which is rather obvious. And, 2. it prevents heart disease, which seems not so obvious. Preventing both of these is what adds years to your life. Here’s how flossing can improve your life expectancy.

When you floss you help prevent your gums from becoming inflamed. What’s happening when your gums are inflamed is that you have a chronic bacterial infection in your mouth, which can at times go beyond just sore gums and make you physically ill (as if you had a cold for instance).

Also this bacterial build up in your gums can harm your arteries through two mechanisms. One, the bacteria find their way from the blood vessels in your mouth into your arteries. This can cause infection in other parts of your body, stressing your heart. And the bacteria in your arteries can trigger buildup of plaque as a protection mechanism within the arteries.

Second, your body mounts an immune response attack on the bacteria in your gums causing inflammation which in turn can cause a narrowing of your arteries which can increase blood pressure from blood flow resistance. This can make it harder for your heart to do its job and may lead to heart disease. Flossing your teeth can be good for your mouth and your heart.

There’s been a debate about how many years you can gain from flossing your teeth and having great gum health. Two physicians and researchers that have differing opinions are Dr. Pearls and Dr. Rosen. One says a year and a half, one says six years. Both of these doctors are gerontologists who have written books and done massive research. But no matter what the actual increase is, both of them agree flossing your teeth is good heart health.

(to be continued…)

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