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Do You Play The Blame Game?

Part 11 of 14 from Communication Essentials (continued from last week…) Break Free of the Blame Game Relationship tip number ten is an expansion of something I mentioned a moment ago. It is break free of the blame game. We need to use “I” statements instead of “You” statements. One of the most common causes […]

Posted: July 13th, 2022 under Audio Programs.
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Break-Out Of The Victim Position

Part 6 of 12 from Wake Up and Win! Turn Off The Autopilot (continued from last week…) Persecutor, Victim & Rescuer Another thing people tend to get stuck in is the role of being a victim. There are people who truly are victims. They have things happen to them which are way beyond their control […]

Posted: November 18th, 2020 under Audio Programs.
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Manipulating And Control Are Not To Your Benefit

The Practice of Happiness The Dozen Core Components To Creating Abundant Happiness (Part 6 of 14) Order this entire audio program and transcript. (…continued from last week) Block: Interrupting Others Interrupting isn’t just rude, it’s like saying what others are saying doesn’t really matter. “I’m not listening to you so I can say what I […]

Posted: August 21st, 2019 under Audio Programs.
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