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Are You A Good Sales-Person?

Part 2 of 12 from Winning Relationships!

(continued from last week…)

Seeing Through Barriers

The wonderful Zig Ziglar said, “People justify their purchases with logic, but they buy on emotion.” You know people don’t really care how much you know until they know how much you care about, 1) the products and services, and 2) about them. There is absolutely no substitute for honesty, unshakable enthusiasm and belief in the products and the service that you’re offering.

It’s the same for both your personal life and your professional life.

If you think about those people you personally are closest to, you have this emotional connection to them – they do something for you inside that rises you up and helps you lift to another level – it brings goodness to you. It’s the same in your professional life – the greatest customer you will ever win is yourself. You first must sell you, you first must feel that passion, that emotion within.

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To put it another way, the greatest sale you’re ever going to make is when you buy your own product. That’s right, you buy your own services, you buy your own goods, you buy your philosophy, you buy the emotional component of what makes you, you. When you do that it makes a giant difference.

Cavett Robert was the founder of the National Speakers Association. Once when giving a lecture he pointed to his head and said, “You tell people about something from here” and then he pointed to his heart and said, “But you sell from here.”

The most persuasive person is the one who has a fanatical belief in the idea, the product, the service, the value that they bring to that relationship, to that customer, to that product.

People are persuaded more by our attitudes than by anything else because truly we are all ruled by our emotions and like Zig Ziglar said, we may justify what we do with logic, but our emotions really are the winning way to getting where we want to go. The plain fact is that we really base most of our choices on how we feel about things.

Mean to an End

Have you heard that saying it’s a means to an end? Well the end, in every case, is an emotion.

For instance, why do people want money? Because it makes them feel secure – that’s an emotion. Or because it allows them to have a vehicle to drive so they don’t have to walk everywhere, which allows them to get places easier, faster and allows them to do what they need to do with more ease – that’s also an emotion.

Why do people want to eat food? Because it fills them up and allows them to maintain health. And what does having good health do for you? It allows you to feel better – again, it’s an emotion, it’s a feeling. So everything we do truly is a means to an end and the end in every case is an emotional state.

We justify our emotional choices with logic to ourselves and to other people. When you look at who you’re married to or dating, the foods that you eat, the kind of clothes you wear, where you’re living, the choice of your career – it becomes apparent how we are ruled by our emotions. We all live at the feeling level and we tend to call the shots from that gut level place.

(to be continued…)

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