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Are You Aware Of Your Own Expectations?

Part 6 of 12 from Winning Relationships!

(continued from last week…)

To Build a Winning Relationship

A few essentials you need to think about when looking at a situation from another person’s perspective are, 1) you need to have a profile on that person, that individual, that customer, that friend of what they like.

You need to get to know them a bit and what it is about you or your product that brings them to you. What is it that’s important about that – develop a profile on what these people around you, whether friends or business, like.

2) You also need to slow down and take time to look at yourself through their eyes. Step back, look at it from an empathetic perspective.

See if you can stand in their perspective and look at you from their eyes. Not you looking at yourself, but look at it from someone else’s point of view. How do they see you? How do they interact with you?
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Are You Focused On Long-Term Profitability?

Part 5 of 12 from Winning Relationships!

(continued from last week…)

Good or Bad is a Perspective

Then the big question really is – what causes people around us to perceive what we do as good or bad? It is a subjective evaluation.

The other person thought that what you did was good or bad is because of this subjective filtering of your actions–from their point of view. The quality of is something they received “good or bad” is because of the difference between what they get and what they expected to get.

Let me say it again – the perceived difference in how good or bad of service or quality someone receives is the difference between what they get from you and what they expect from you.
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Can You Perceive Reality?

Part 4 of 12 from Winning Relationships!

(continued from last week…)

Don’t Sell Me….

There was an anonymous letter written by a customer once that said,

“Don’t sell me clothes, sell me a sharp appearance, style and attractiveness. Don’t sell me insurance; sell me peace of mind and a great future for my family and me. Don’t sell me a house; sell me comfort, contentment, a good investment, pride of ownership.

Don’t sell me books; sell me pleasant hours and the profits of knowledge. Don’t sell me toys, sell my children happy moments. Don’t sell me a computer; sell me the pleasures and profits, the miracles of modern technology.

Don’t sell me tires, sell me freedom from worry and low cost per mile. Don’t sell me an airline ticket; sell me fast, safe, on time arrival at my destination feeling relaxed and at ease.
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Can You Create Passion?

Part 3 of 12 from Winning Relationships!

(continued from last week…)

Emotional Connection

Helena Modjeska was a 19th century actress and was extremely popular because of her ability to communicate emotions powerfully. She could take her audience to tears or to laughter.

Once she gave a dramatic reading in Polish, which was her native language. The people she was speaking to here in the United States were all English speakers, none of them spoke Polish.

She gave a very passionate dramatic reading in Polish and received a standing ovation at the end. Many people were brought to tears by the power in her voice. What she had actually done was recite the Polish alphabet multiple times, with passion and with power, and it brought her audience to the standing ovation she received at the end.
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Are You A Good Sales-Person?

Part 2 of 12 from Winning Relationships!

(continued from last week…)

Seeing Through Barriers

The wonderful Zig Ziglar said, “People justify their purchases with logic, but they buy on emotion.” You know people don’t really care how much you know until they know how much you care about, 1) the products and services, and 2) about them. There is absolutely no substitute for honesty, unshakable enthusiasm and belief in the products and the service that you’re offering.

It’s the same for both your personal life and your professional life.

If you think about those people you personally are closest to, you have this emotional connection to them – they do something for you inside that rises you up and helps you lift to another level – it brings goodness to you. It’s the same in your professional life – the greatest customer you will ever win is yourself. You first must sell you, you first must feel that passion, that emotion within.
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Are Your Customers Dissatisfied?

Part 1 of 12 from Winning Relationships!

Building winning relationships is not about just your business relationships but your personal relationships as well. What do you need to do to make all of those thrive?

I want you for a moment to think about some of the following numbers. A typical business hears only from 4% of the dissatisfied customers that leave their business. The other 96% just quietly go away and more than 90% of those never come back again. That’s a serious loss in relationships and in business.

There was a survey done on why customers quit going to certain organizations and why people have problems with certain organizations. 3% of those people moved away to a different location, 5% had developed other relationships or friendships or rapport with other organizations, 9% left for competitive reasons of some sort. 14% left because they were dissatisfied with the functioning of the product or service, and 68% of those quit because of an attitude of indifference by the managers, employees or the organization itself that they were dealing with.
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Android Apps = Easy Downloads!

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You Are A Survivor!

Part 12 of 12 from Wake Up and Win! Turn Off The Autopilot

(continued from last week…)

Living Awake

Getting off of autopilot for you means living consciously. It is the process of “I am watching those things that I can do something about, and I am doing it.” You are choosing to take action on those things that are most important to you, and are running your life in a way that works.

When you were born you had limitless potential. There was no pre-determined vocation or career path that you had to do. You grow, learn, evolve and develop physical, emotional and mental characteristics that identify you as different from others. Part of these characteristics are what you are going to do for a living, the things you choose to learn and the way you are going to make a contribution or not make a contribution to the world.
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